Student FAQ

Student FAQ

How do I find a tutor?

Start by searching our online tutors for the subject and level you need. You can contact up to three tutors per day.

Can I have a free trial?

Yes, of course. Just send any tutor a message asking for a free lesson and they will be happy to arrange one. You’ll get the chance to chat with the tutor, ask questions and experience the online tuition. No payment details are required, it’s completely free with no obligations.

How much does a lesson cost?

If you choose to continue after the free trial, the cost of a lesson depends on your tutors hourly rate (shown on their profile) and how long the lesson lasts. Watch the payment video on the right of this page more information.

How do I pay?

Before you can attend paid lessons, you’ll need to add credit to your account using a debit or credit card. At the end of a lesson, the correct amount of credit is automatically transferred to your tutor. Watch the payment video on the right of this page for a demonstration of payment.

How do I access the tuition room?

When it’s time to start a lesson, select your tutor and click “Attend tuition”. The room will then load automatically.

Video tutorials

How do lessons work?

How does payment work?

Troubleshooting FAQ

Checking your system

You need a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam (tablets and phones are not supported). For lessons, you need to use either the Google Chrome or FireFox web browser. You also need a good broadband internet connection. If possible, use an ethernet cable rather then WiFi, to give a much more stable connection.

Improving audio and video

  • Move closer to your router for a stronger WiFi signal (or use an ethernet cable).
  • Ask others not to use your internet connection during a lesson.

If you are still having problems, call Customer Services (0207 118 0801) or send a message from your profile page by clicking "Request help".