Online Tutoring Tips

Below are the traits of our most successful online tutors, those who have most tuition requests and the highest hourly earnings.

Online tutor profile advice


Improve your profile for more tuition requests

  • Use a smiling photo
  • Give detailed tuition experience
  • Offer a free trial
Online tuition system setup


Book an intro with customer services to ensure you're ready for lessons

  • Test your system
  • Learn the tuition room tools
  • Understand payment
Tuition requests


Be proactive with replies to gain new students

  • Reply quickly (same day)
  • Offer a free trial
  • Suggest multiple days and times
Free trial lesson

Free Trials

Give free trials (e.g. 30 mins) to secure new students

  • Upload a resource and use it to teach
  • Outline a weekly lesson format (e.g. review topics then practise questions)
  • Agree a provisional time slot for next lesson (student can confirm later)
Online whiteboard


Give effective lessons to keep students coming back

  • Upload and use teaching resources on the whiteboard
  • Ask lots of questions and ask students to make notes throughout
  • Ask students to draw on paper and hold it up to the camera
Arrange online lessons


Be organised and consistent to ensure regular lessons

  • Agree a regular weekly slot
  • Try to avoid rearranging
  • Upload resources before the lesson (e.g. 5 mins)
Online tutoring from home


Optimise your workspace for better communication

  • Ensure you have strong wifi signal
  • Sit somewhere well lit (avoid lights or windows behind you as they cause silhouettes)
  • For equations and diagrams use a Graphics Tablet.