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Economics (Degree, A-level & GCSE)
Business Studies (Degree, A-level & GCSE)

Biology (GCSE & Secondary)
Chemistry (GCSE & Secondary)
Physics (GCSE & Secondary)
Science Combined (GCSE & Secondary)

Maths (GCSE, Secondary & Primary)
English (GCSE, Secondary & Primary)


EdD Doctor of Education
MA Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment
MSc International Business Management
B.Ed in Education Studies (Hons)
Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
ASc Associates of Science

Tutoring experience

I am a highly qualified English, maths, science and business studies teacher with more than 13 years experience at the primary, secondary, college and university levels. I am a very effective, committed and reliable private tutor with excellent subject knowledge and a superb understanding of the UK national curriculum. As an experienced private tutor, I've successfully helped more than 700 students across the UK and the world. I help students to develop their confidence, knowledge and understanding ultimately help them to achieve good results in their schoolwork, homework, tests, SATs exams, 11+ exams, GCSE's, A-level's and university assignments and exams. Alongside being a private tutor since 2003, I'm also a qualified school teacher, a college & university lecturer and a learning mentor. I have experience working with students who are capable of doing well but lack motivation so are under performing in school. Being an experienced university lecturer, I also support adults and university students with CVs, application forms, research methods, numeracy & literacy skills, essay writing and proofreading.

Hourly rate (£)

Weekdays 7-9pm
Sundays 5-9pm

I try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate my students needs, so if the above times are not suitable for you, please tell me your preference and I will check my availability and let you know.

About yourself

As an independent self-employed online tutor for economics business and science, I can offer more flexible schedules and programmes than most other tutors. I am very professional about my work as an online tutor and I have all the necessary policies, enhanced DBS checks and liability insurance in place.

I offer the first 30 mins for free (this includes consultation with parents, reports and books review and assessments). During the first session I conduct the necessary assessments to check and understand your child's capabilities and areas for improvement. This helps me to carefully select and teach your child the right topics at the right level. This allows us to make better use of our online tuition sessions so the student makes faster progress. In this trial session we will also get the opportunity to learn about each other. You will also have a chance to decide if I am the right tutor for you, before spending anything.

My teaching skills are up-to-date and modern as I keep myself fully informed and equipped with the latest teaching and learning techniques, textbooks and curriculum developments. As an online tutor, I provide my students with digital textbooks, past papers and weekly homework activities to keep them sharp and focused. I am an excellent communicator which allows me to explain things to my students in simple, clear ways that they can understand. I make even difficult, confusing topics very easy to understand. I also have a good sense of humour but I am very serious when it comes to education. I am also a trained learning mentor with a background in success psychology and the psychology of learning which I use to help my students to understand themselves and the learning process. I believe that children are better able to achieve and excel in school and their personal life when they understand how they learn. Understanding one’s own learning is part of becoming self-aware which develops self-confidence.

My insights into how people learn enable me to make the entire learning process smooth and interesting for my students. I believe that learning should be fun for both the student and the tutor, as fun enables the human brain to understand things more quickly. I appreciate that each student is different with their own unique set of skills and abilities, however, I have very high expectations for each of them and I challenge them to achieve their personal best in school and beyond.

I have experience of working with students, parents and families from all type of backgrounds. I have a natural ability and a wealth of experience in empowering and motivating students and getting even the most uninspired students to become enthusiastic about their education and learning. I am an experienced, reliable private tutor, who understands the needs of each of my students and makes learning fun and enjoyable. A learning experience with me would be beneficial to anyone who needs support with their education and learning. Parents, students and colleagues describe me as understanding, calm, patient, knowledgeable, inspiring, motivating, sensitive, flexible, willing, polite, passionate and caring. I am also an excellent problem solver, a great communicator and a listening ear.