Online tuition room

Online Tuition Room

1.  Enter the tuition room.
2.  Allow automatic setup.
3.  Load any files you want to share.
4.  Start your online tuition.

Financial support from Durham University EvoTuition was founded with financial
support from Durham University

Why use EvoTuition rooms?

Video Chat

Live Video Chat

High quality video and audio means you can both talk freely, as if you’re face-to-face.

Interactive Whiteboard

Tuition rooms have interactive whiteboards with tools to point, annotate and draw.
Interactive Whiteboard
Share Files

Share Files

Upload and share files with a single click. The whiteboard can display images, microsoft office files (e.g. powerpoint) and pdf’s.

Easy to Use

Start tuition with a single click. There's nothing to install, all you need is a webcam.
Easy to use


For safeguarding, all lessons are recorded and all messages and shared files are saved.

Video tutorials

How do lessons work?

How does payment work?

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What’s a Tuition Room?

Tuition rooms allow one-to-one private tuition to occur online. Live video chat means tutors and students can talk freely, as if they’re face-to-face. Interactive whiteboards allow tutors and students to view files together (e.g. diagrams, notes and questions), and simple tools allow pointing and annotation. With a single click, you can share files (e.g. pdf, powerpoint, word, etc).

What equipment is needed?

All you need is a webcam (built into laptops). Everything runs in your internet browser so there’s nothing to install.

Is it easy to use?

EvoTuition is very simple to use. Tuition Rooms setup automatically with a single click. During lessons you can upload files with a single click. Your webcam and audio turn on automatically. If you have any questions, we also offer full customer and technical support.