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Tara Preston's picture
Mrs Tara Preston BA PGCE
Hourly rate: £ 28
Average: 5 (6 votes)
Tuition offered: French (A-Level, GCSE, Secondary & Casual), German (A-Level, GCSE, Secondary & Casual), Italian (GCSE, Secondary & Casual), ESL English
After qualifying as a languages teacher, I have taught French and German in a comprehensive school to the 11-18 age group. I have tutored teenagers and adults privately in both French, German and Italian. I have also provided French and German classes for international companies. This experience of using languages in a business setting also means that I am also well placed to teach languages to adults for business purposes. I can offer a learning program which is specifically tailored to suit the individual’s needs, whatever the level of knowledge or ability. If required, lessons can be adapted to focus on specific areas such as grammar or conversation practice.
Bryannie Drury's picture
Miss Bryannie Drury LLB PGCE
Hourly rate: £ 22
Tuition offered: French (GCSE), German (GCSE), EFL - English as a foreign language (All levels)
I am a French, German and English teacher and I have been working in secondary schools for the last 7 years. I spent 2 of those years as the Head of Languages in a highly successful academy. For the last year, I have been teaching online and I really enjoy it. I am happy to teach all age groups and have experience teaching adults, young children and teenagers.
Alice Johnson's picture
Miss Alice Johnson BA PGCE QTS
Hourly rate: £ 22
Free lesson
Average: 1 (1 vote)
Tuition offered: French (Degree, A-level, GCSE & Secondary), German (GCSE & Secondary), EFL (Intermediate & Advanced)
I have been teaching languages since 2003. I first taught English as a foreign language in Lorraine, France as an English assistant. There I learnt a great deal about the needs of individual learners as well as perfecting my French language skills. I progressed to teaching English to university students in Paris and then qualified as a MFL teacher for French and German and spent 3 years teaching at Key Stage 3 and 4. During this period, I gained an A-level in German, which enabled me to teach German up to GCSE level. I subsequently qualified as an EFL teacher and have since taught the subject in southern Poland, central Spain and the UK. I have experience of teaching learners from Spain, France, Germany and Italy. I have also successfully prepared students for Cambridge Examinations including PET, First, Advanced, IELTS. Additionally, I have prepared students for Trinity examinations.
Gerry OHanlon's picture
Mr Gerry OHanlon BA Masters in Education PGCE
Hourly rate: £ 50
Tuition offered: German (A-level, GCSE, Secondary, Primary, Professional & Casual), French (GCSE, Secondary, Primary, Professional & Casual), EFL (All levels)
I have been a tutor and language teacher of English, French and German for over 30 years. I have taught in the UK and abroad and love languages. I really enjoy helping students of all ages and abilities to improve their skills, to build up their self-confidence and to enjoy their learning. I'm also a Cambridge CELTA qualified English teacher and have successfully helped many students to prepare for the 11+. Get in touch to discuss your or the young person’s needs.
Natasha Tabani's picture
Miss Natasha Tabani
Hourly rate: £ 35
Free lesson
Average: 5 (2 votes)
Tuition offered: English Language & Literature (Degree, A-level, GCSE, Secondary & Primary)Italian (Degree, A-level, GCSE, Secondary, Primary, Casual)French (Degree, A-level, GCSE, Secondary, Primary, Casual)German (A-level, GCSE, Secondary, Primary, Casual)Spanish (A Level, GCSE, Secondary, Primary, Casual)Latin (A-level, GCSE, Secondary, Primary, Casual)Classics (Adult Learner, Degree, A-level, GCSE, Secondary, Primary, Casual)Academic Writing (Adult Learner, Degree, A-level, GCSE, Secondary & Primary)Creative Writing (Adult Learner, Degree, A-level, GCSE, Secondary & Primary)
I have over 8 years tutoring experience, tutoring English language and literature, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Latin. I am comfortable teaching a variety of exam boards (CIE, AQA, Edexcel and OCR) and also helping more casual learners or adult learners with specific goals. I regularly tutor at degree level. From 2015-2017, I was head of English for Cambridge Homeschool (CHS), where I created my own lesson material for the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus. I am now an approved AQA examiner, qualified to mark exam papers in both English literature and language GCSE and A-level.
Odin Waters's picture
Mr Odin Waters
Hourly rate: £ 25
Free lesson
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Tuition offered: German (A-level, GCSE, Secondary, Primary & Casual), Spanish (A-level, GCSE, Secondary, Primary & Casual), Portuguese (A-level, GCSE, Secondary, Primary & Casual), EFL (including Cambridge English Exams & IELTS) (All levels)
I have over 25 years of experience teaching, translating and interpreting in several countries. I have a lot of experience with GCSE and A-level preparation and I'm proud to say, my students have done really well in their exams. Please see a summary below of some of the things I've been working on, but don't hesitate to get in contact if you'd like to know anything more. I now offer online tutoring for German, Spanish, Portuguese and English. - 2 years teaching Esperanto in Wakefield, England. - 3 years teaching in Czech state primary and secondary schools. - Language coaching for diplomats and heads of business. - 10 years teaching private ESL classes in Germany. - Running freelance translating agency. - Adjudicating TOEFL exam. - 3 years working in private language schools, teaching all ages near Barcelona, Spain. - Freelance work as language coach to businesses executives. - 5 years teaching all ages in a private language school in São Paulo, Brazil. - Executive in-company courses for medical and marketing companies. - In-company interpreting during international meetings. - Volunteer teaching in São Paulo's 'Jardim Colombo' shanty town community. - 3 years teaching languages at all levels in the UK. - Interpreting for solicitors on international asylum and human rights cases.
Anna Dunphy's picture
Miss Anna Dunphy
Hourly rate: £ 25
Free lesson
Tuition offered: English (Degree, A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Academic Writing (Degree, A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Entrance Exams (UCAS Personal Statement), Study Skills (All levels)German (GCSE & Casual), Italian (GCSE & Casual)
I have over 2 years online tuition experience. I have been working in the further education sector for 3 years as a learning support assistant. This means I have more specialised knowledge for additional learning needs (ALN) and special educational needs (SEN). I have worked with a variety of students from all age groups and backgrounds. My job role can vary from working one-to-one with a student with physical disabilities to groups with learning difficulties or disabilities. I have worked with students from Level 4 (first year degree equivalent) to milestone 3 (roughly ages 7-8). I am now currently undertaking my PGCE in further education (FE) and have recently qualified in PTTLLS (preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector). I am currently tutoring online for English, German and Italian alongside working as a learning support assistant.
Chris Heaven's picture
Mr Chris Heaven MA MPhil FCIL ACP MCollT PGCE
Hourly rate: £ 45
Tuition offered: French (Degree, A-level, IB 14-18, GCSE, Secondary & Casual), German (Degree, A-level, IB 14-18, GCSE, Secondary & Casual)
I have over 30 years professional experience in secondary education as a languages specialist, head of modern foreign languages and examiner for GCSE and A-level. I have taught ages 11 to 18 in secondary schools and have also tutored both undergraduate and postgraduate university students. I now offer online tutoring for French and German across all levels. I also offer (as a result of students' requests) pre-AS-level tuition in French and German during the period from late June to the end of August each year. This has helped many who have just completed GCSE exams by easing the transition from GCSE to AS-level. I also have experience of tutoring adult learners some of whom wish to learn for fun and travel, whilst others are keen to be able to use French or German for business purposes. My many clients range from absolute beginners to advanced students. My youngest student is 12 and my most senior in 86!
Ute Nangreave's picture
Mrs Ute Nangreave
Hourly rate: £ 25
Free lesson
Tuition offered: German (Degree, A-level, GCSE, Secondary & Professional)Zertifikat Deutsch & Goethe Zertifikat
Originally from Salzburg in Austria, I've been living in the UK with my English family for over twenty years. I started teaching German at the Berlitz Language Centre in 2000 and since have taught in various language institutions (Birmingham University, Boldmere A E Centre), private and business clients, pupils and students who want to catch up and raise their German exam grades, as well as adults, who have family and work commitments in a German speaking country. Teaching in all those different areas helped me to create my own language learning philosophy. Learning with materials we are interested in, practice with lots of natural spoken language and without stress.
Sarah Benson's picture
Miss Sarah Benson BA QTS
Hourly rate: £ 20
Free lesson
Tuition offered: French (A-level & GCSE), German (A-level & GCSE), EFL (All levels)
I have been teaching languages in secondary schools and then self-employed for 18 years. I have also been teaching English as a foreign language since 2008. I have worked for a major exam board for 10 years, marking A-level French speaking exams, GCSE French and German writing and speaking. I have taught GCSE, A-level and business French and German. My work as an assistant examiner for a major exam board, has given me an excellent insight into what is required by the exam in order to gain a good pass. I now also offer tutoring online.
Christopher Spurgin's picture
Mr Christopher Spurgin MA PGCE
Hourly rate: £ 25
Free lesson
Tuition offered: German (A-level, IB 14-16, GCSE, Secondary, Primary & Casual), Russian (A-level, IB 14-16, GCSE, Secondary, Primary & Casual), French (GCSE, Secondary, Primary & Casual)
I have taught in schools and colleges in Europe and have taught across the secondary age range in the UK. I have helped school pupils achieve the top grades in GCSE and A-level exams and have experience of conducting and marking these exams. I have privately tutored people from a range of backgrounds and have tutored children as young as 4 as well as adults looking to learn for business or leisure.
Elizabeth Matthams's picture
Miss Elizabeth Matthams
Hourly rate: £ 18
Free lesson
Tuition offered: History (A-level, GCSE & Secondary), German (GCSE & Secondary), Latin (GCSE & Secondary), Maths (GCSE, Secondary & 11+), English (11+),
I have been tutoring English and maths for 2 years and history for 5 months. I have also tutored younger students in Latin to help them improve their grades. I believe that what I lack in experience I make up for in my relaxed, friendly and open teaching style and my commitment to help my students improve. Furthermore, having completed my A-levels just a year ago, I am fully aware of the constraints and demands of the exams which students need to be preparing for, and can offer a unique insight into modern exam technique and practice.
Caroline Thomson's picture
Mrs Caroline Thomson BA PGCE
Hourly rate: £ 23
Free lesson
Fully booked
Tuition offered: French (Degree, A-level, IB, IGCSE, GCSE, Secondary, Primary, Casual & Professional), Spanish (A-level, IB, IGCSE, GCSE, Secondary, Primary & Casual), German (A-level, IB, IGCSE, GCSE, Secondary, Primary & Casual), Italian (A-level, IB, IGCSE, GCSE, Secondary, Primary & Casual), Japanese (IGCSE, GCSE, Secondary, Primary & Casual)
I have been a private tutor for 5 years, providing lessons in five different languages at all levels. I am a fully qualified and experienced teacher and previously worked in a specialist language college for 8 years where I taught students at GCSE and KS3 level. I also work in the community, teaching primary languages and adult learners. I currently teach languages online for IGCSE and A-level.
Paul Fothergill's picture
Hourly rate: £ 25
Free lesson
Fully booked
Tuition offered: German (Degree, A-level, GCSE, Secondary & Casual), French (GCSE & Secondary), EFL (All levels), Music & Musicology (Degree, A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Music Theory (Grade 1-8 & Diplomas)
I am a qualified music teacher and have been tutoring music, music theory and languages for the past 7 years.