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Sarah Grasso's picture
Mrs Sarah Grasso BA MA QTS
Hourly rate: £ 38
Free lesson
Average: 4.9 (13 votes)
Tuition offered: Geography (A-level, GCSE & Secondary)
I am a qualified geography teacher and work at a high achieving secondary school where I teach geography at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level. I am an A-level examiner, and can offer tuition for all mainstream exam boards. I have been a private tutor for 7 years, and have tutored geography online for 5 years. I therefore have a large quantity of resources suitable for online teaching which can be shared with students. All my previous students have made significant progress, often improving by 1-2 grades, and many have therefore chosen to continue to study geography at A-level or university.
Laurie King's picture
Mr Laurie King MSc
Hourly rate: £ 27
Free lesson
Average: 5 (2 votes)
Tuition offered: Geography (A-level & GCSE), Sociology (A-level & GCSE), English (A-level & GCSE), Spanish (A-level & GCSE)
I have over 150 hours experience of tutoring a wide range of subjects and levels. I have been tutoring English since 2012, Spanish since in 2014 and geography and sociology since 2015, working with students of GCSE and A-level.
Pauline Barry's picture
Mrs Pauline Barry BEd CertEd
Hourly rate: £ 25
Tuition offered: ICT (BTec, Camb Nats, GCSE & Secondary), Geography (GCSE), EFL (All levels)
I am a qualified and experienced teacher of ICT and geography with 38 years of classroom teaching of both humanities and ICT to GCSE and other level 2 qualifications. I have a proven record of raising candidates grades from D to B or C grades and have achieved excellent results - often the best in the school. I have also taught small groups of TEFL students along with classes of exchange students. I have also given online tutoring support for geography at GCSE.
James Cooney's picture
Mr James Cooney
Hourly rate: £ 25
Free lesson
Tuition offered: History (Degree, A-level & GCSE), Government & Politics (Degree, A-level & GCSE), International Relations (Degree), Sociology (A-level & GCSE), Geography (GCSE)
I have 5 years teaching experience across all levels from GCSE to A-level and undergraduate.
Santiago Richardson's picture
Mr Santiago Richardson
Hourly rate: £ 20
Free lesson
Tuition offered: History (A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Politics (A-level, GCSE), Religious Studies (A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Biology (GCSE), Geography (GCSE)
I have tutored both online and in person for nearly a year. I have taught history, politics and theology to A-level students, helping students reach their full potential and grade goals. I believe in a personal approach to tutoring and think that students do best when they have an organised lesson plan, to make the most effective use of our lessons.
Elzeth Jansen van Vuuren's picture
Miss Elzeth Jansen van Vuuren MPhil
Hourly rate: £ 25
Free lesson
Tuition offered: Geography (A-level)
I have extensive experience teaching geography to primary and high school students. Further, I have trained government and international NGO's on social protection issues providing me with advanced skills and knowledge in Environmental systems and society. I have academic and practical experience in the geographic field and experience in GIS.
Calvin Hung's picture
Mr Calvin Hung
Hourly rate: £ 18
Free lesson
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Tuition offered: Maths (A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Economics (A-level & GCSE), Geography (Degree, A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Entrance Exams/Admission Tests
I have experience helping younger pupils with academic enquiries via the academic buddy system in boarding house teaching. For A-level maths I can cover (old spec) C1, C2, C3, C4, S1, S2, M1, M2, FP1 and D1. I can also help with personal statement and Oxbridge application specifically mock interviews and application tests for geography, economics, land economy, Asian and Middle Eastern studies and oriental studies.
Heather Clements-Wheeler's picture
Mrs Heather Clements-Wheeler BA MSc MA PGCE QTS PGDip UGCert
Hourly rate: £ 35
Free lesson
Fully booked
Tuition offered: Geography (Degree, A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Travel & Tourism (A-level & GCSE), Leisure & Tourism (A-level & GCSE), Citizenship (GCSE)
I am currently a head of geography at an independent online school having previously worked in a mainstream school in the UK for 17 years teaching geography, citizenship, religious studies, history, leisure and travel and tourism. I teach Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level and I am an examiner for GCSE, IGCSE, BTEC First and A-level. I also mark and moderate BTEC First, GCSE and IGCSE in geography, travel and tourism and religious studies.
Michael Kent's picture
Mr Michael Kent BA MA PGCE (QTS)
Hourly rate: £ 28
Free lesson
Fully booked
Tuition offered: Geography (A-level, IB & GCSE), Environmental Systems and Societies (IB)
I have been teaching geography for 5 years. This has mostly been at GCSE level, although I recently moved to teaching the International Baccalaureate. Before moving to an international school I was a head of geography for 3 years.
Aisha Gloudon's picture
Dr Aisha Gloudon PhD MSci MSc DIC ARSM
Hourly rate: £ 50
Fully booked
Tuition offered: Biology (A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Chemistry (A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Physics (GCSE & Secondary), Science Combined (GCSE & Secondary), Environmental Science (Degree)English (Secondary), Maths (Secondary), Geography (Secondary)EFL (All Levels), Entrance Exams (10+, 11+, 13+ & 16+), Interview & Personal Statement
I have 8+ years experience of classroom and lecture style teaching, small group teaching and one-to-one tutoring in the home, in school, within after-school programmes and in universities (including as a graduate teaching assistant in several departments at Imperial College London). I also have 4 years experience teaching English as a second language and believe that online tutoring is particularly effective. I currently tutor online, in person at a learning centre (ages 5 to 16), and at a private college (ages 11 to 18). I also teach three English grammar classes (Year 3s, Year 5s and mixed Year 8-10) and two maths classes (Year 3s, Year 5s). I provide online tutoring for science, maths and English from beginner to GCSE and A-level. I am currently teaching GCSE (Year 10 and 11) for science and English and KS3 (Year 7, Year 8, Year 9) for science maths, geography and English. I am also preparing students for 13+ exams for science, English and maths (Year 8) and for 16+ sixth form entrance exams. My current students also include adults studying MSc Hydrogeology, MSc Environmental Science and NVQL2 English.
Thomas Wigley's picture
Dr Thomas Wigley
Hourly rate: £ 30
Fully booked
Tuition offered: Biology (A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Physics (A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Chemistry (GCSE & Secondary), Science Combined (GCSE & Secondary)Geography (A-level, GCSE & Secondary), Geology (A-level), History (GCSE & Secondary)
I have been tutoring at GCSE and A-level for 3 years. I work with students studying under the major exam boards, AQA, Edexcel and OCR and am familiar with what examiners from these boards are looking for, which can really differ. I provide a student-tutor led syllabus based approach. This involves careful assessment of student strengths and weaknesses as compared to the syllabus being covered before carefully targeted support based on a combination of tutorial exercise sessions, homework and exam drilling. I also teach university level geology and earth sciences (past 4 years).